Why I want to Visit Yankari Game Reserve

Visiting the Yankari Game Reserve has been on my wish list for a very long time because of the interesting features of the reserve as well as the reserve being among the top tourist destinations in Nigeria alongside the Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River state, amongst others.

So on this post, I am going to be enumerating the awesome features of the Yankari game reserve, as well as accommodation and room reservation, price. Lets ride

Launched in 1956 and located in Bauchi state, Nigeria, the reserve has been a major destination for tourists and holidaymakers.

Some of the interesting portrait of the reserve include the Wikki Warm Spring, A museum, The wild animals habitat (oh, I love safari), The Marshall Caves amongst many others.



The resort just like any other, has different accommodation types that suits to your budgets. According to information found on the yankari resort website, there are 5 different room types available for visitors to choose from.

  • The least is the Students Hostel which is suitable for students on excursions to the resort, and goes for ₦1,800per / night.
  • While the highest is the corporate villa which goes for ₦236,000 per night.
  • The VIP lounge goes for ₦23,600 per night
  • The luxury lounge goes for ₦14,200 per night
  • The studio lounge is the 2nd least and goes for ₦9,500 per night

What to expect at the Yankari Game Reserve

  • The Wikki Warm Spring,
  • A museum,
  • The wild animals habitat,
  • The Marshall Caves
  • The Dukkey Wells
  • A commercial area
  • A Restaurant
  • A bar and club
  • A parking space
  • Conference and meeting halls

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