BLOGGER or WORDPRESS? My experience

Blogger and WordPress are the two popular blogging content management system (CMS) in the world today and beginners are often faced with the question “blogger vs wordpress which is better?” selecting one among the two is often a big challenge. Beginners are faced with the big questions of “What are their differences?”, Which is better? Are all questions that comes to a newbies mind. I have been there too.

On this post, I shall be focusing on my EXPERIENCE with both CMS since
When I started my blog back in 2013, it was on blogger and free one. I didn’t spend a dime and sooner a later, one of my earliest post began to appear on google search. I can never forget the feeling of accomplishment I had when I saw that, I was focused and experimenting on Search Engine Optimization SEO and therefore that was a great feat.

BLOGGER is more economical in managing in terms of cost

blogger vs wordpress for seo

wordpress or blogger for adsense

wordpress or blogger for beginners


What is their strength and weakness?

Programmer vs Non Programmer


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